Customer Service

FHA-TPA number one commitment is servicing our clients. See our list below for all the services we provide to our partners.

Call Center

We maintain a multi-lingual staff to meet the needs of our clients. This also allows us to be more receptive to our clients while responding to their inquiries. FHA-TPA is also very experienced in dealing with cultural sensitivity and knows how to handle any of our members’ culturally specific needs.

Web Portal Solution

FHA-TPA provides our clients access to an interactive, secure user friendly web portal environment, combining all data sources into a seamless, interactive point-of-contact, fully accessible by all parties. This portal connects providers, members, employers, administrator and vendors (such as stop loss carriers, agents/brokers, prescription benefit managers, utilization review, disease management, wellness and 24-hour nurseline vendors) into an integrated database. Clients may use the portal’s extensive reporting package for financial and analytical decision making. Reports may be scheduled for routine delivery via email. The site’s content and appearance may be customized to match the client’s internal website including color scheme and logo. Clients have the option to add consumer content links such news related to healthcare provided by Healthday and research information provided by Healthwise and Healthology.

Full Data Integration


  • Manage Online Enrollments
  • Online Reporting
  • Report Scheduling
  • View Claim Status
  • View Eligibility
  • Document Management
  • Secure Messaging


  • View Claim Status/History
  • Online EOB View
  • Document Management
  • View Rx Data/ History
  • Search PPO Networks
  • Secure Messaging
  • Personal Website Formatting
  • Access Consumer Content Websites
  • ID Card Requests
  • Receive Claim Notifications


  • Online Network Pricing
  • Online Payment History
  • Rx Data Interface
  • Precert Interface
  • Wellness Interface
  • Claims & Disease Management


  • View Online Payment History
  • Print Explanation of Benefits
  • View Schedule of Benefits
  • Search PPO Networks
Privacy and Confidentiality

Healthcare providers and patients are rightfully concerned about the confidentiality and security of their data and how that data is used. FHA-TPA is sensitive to the concerns of its constituents and is working closely with privacy experts to track developments with proposed HIPAA privacy requirements and will work with any government privacy and security regulations. FHA-TPA follows HIPAA standards in its business practices in maintaining confidentiality of customer information through strict data disposal requirements, user access controls, and compliance.

Web Security

Security and privacy of your information is a top priority to FHA-TPA. We understand how critical it is to protect your privacy and we want to ensure security through the use of rigorous password, authorization procedures, a highly secure firewall, standard SSL, private IP addresses and, optionally, Digital Certificates.


We remain committed to the satisfaction and success of our clients and brokers by helping you achieve the best possible health and financial outcomes.


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