Claims Administration

FHA-TPA utilizes the WLT Software TPA system which is a multi-security level system that provides fully automated, real-time, on-line adjudication of medical, dental, vision, disability, prescription drug, Subrogation and COBRA claims and encounters.

FHA-TPA guarantees expert and timely processing of all claims. Our staff is extensively experienced in processing both domestic and international claims.

All international claims are converted into US dollar amounts.

Additional services

Retrospective Utilization Review

Quality Control / Internal Auditing

Automated Clinical Editing

Micro-Encoded Check Batches

The WLT system also allows us to incorporate the policy benefit structure into the system, further ensuring correct application of benefits.

The system will automatically detect if a claim is not eligible, as the members coverage might have terminated.

FHA-TPA is also experienced at handling and detecting any necessary COB (Coordination of Benefits) if the insured has any other insurance coverage or third-party liability involvement.


We remain committed to the satisfaction and success of our clients and brokers by helping you achieve the best possible health and financial outcomes.


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