Customized Benefit Solutions

FHA-TPA is pleased to offer innovative solutions including highly customized traditional Self-Funded plans and our new Hybrid Plan which combines the advantages of being fully insured while participating in positive financial results.

Benefit Consulting

FHA-TPA will work closely with you in evaluating a client’s current plan and assist in providing a comprehensive customized solution, dealing with emerging benefit issues while providing long-term solutions to meet the client’s cost objectives and future benefit strategies.

Virtual HR Services

Whether you are working with a large Fortune 500-company or a small employer with limited resources, FHA-TPA complements existing services while continuing to meet employers financial and business objectives.

Online Enrollment

There are many complexities that coincide with running a successful business. Through our Integrated Web Portal Solution, FHA-TPA provides our clients with a secure hyperlink that may be added directly to their website. 

Hybrid Benefit Solution

For those employers that have 25+ employees and are currently fully-insured or do not have any other option but to go fully-insured, FHA-TPA offers a “Hybrid Benefit Solutions” program. 

Self-Funded Plans

A self-funded or (self-insured) health plan is one in which the employer assumes some or all of the risk for providing health benefits to their employees.


We remain committed to the satisfaction and success of our clients and brokers by helping you achieve the best possible health and financial outcomes.


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