Full Service COBRA and HIPAA Administration

FHA-TPA’s provides our clients with US based employees the full scope of COBRA and HIPAA Administration services.

Our knowledgeable staff monitors all guidelines and simultaneously adjusts current policies to complex regulations to ensure that Employers are in compliance with the latest COBRA and HIPPA legislation. 

This provides Employers and members the peace of mind knowing that their rights are protected.

This is may include, but is not limited to

  • Transfer and management of existing COBRA participants upon group implementation
  • Maintenance of Eligibility records
  • Processing of Election period, including notification of rights to members, their dependents, and/or beneficiaries after a qualifying event
  • Initial COBRA notification • Billing, collection, and remittance of COBRA premium payments
  • Notice of termination of coverage
  • COBRA reporting
  • Issuance of Certificate of Creditable Coverage


We remain committed to the satisfaction and success of our clients and brokers by helping you achieve the best possible health and financial outcomes.


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